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Part bearing knowledge: analysis of selection techniques for low noise bearings

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Among the standard bearings manufactured in China, some bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings have low noise varieties for motor bearings. The ball bearings have three kinds of suffixes with Zl, Z2 and Z3 from the inner diameter of 2.5mm to 60mm, respectively, corresponding to three different low noise requirements, and the roller bearings from N309 to N322 type eight models also have a low noise standard.

These bearings can be fully applied to other machines with low noise requirements and are cheap, such as the type and size of the machine, and the two types of low noise bearings are used as far as possible.

When the above two types of low-noise bearings are not used, bearings with relatively small noise can be used. The specific comparison is based on the following:

1) the noise of ball bearings is lower than that of roller bearings, and the frictional noise of bearings with relatively less sliding is lower than that of relatively sliding bearings.

2) the noise using the solid cage bearings is relatively lower than the bearing of the punching cage; the noise of the use of the plastic cage bearings is lower than the bearing of the above two retainers; the ball is large, the outer ring is thick, and the noise is smaller SKF bearings,

3) the bearings with high accuracy, especially those with higher accuracy, are less noisy than those with low precision bearings.

4) the noise of small bearing is smaller than that of large bearing.

For example, the noise of the centripetal bearing is smaller than that of the short cylindrical roller bearing, and the noise of the short cylindrical roller bearing is smaller than that of the tapered roller bearing.

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