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The cold and hot processing equipment of the dragon horse Bearing Co., Ltd. has complete equipment and high precision. It can fully meet the processing requirements of various types, specifications, precision grade and special use of bearing products. The key and special process equipment are evaluated in advance. The quality of the super large bearing has been guaranteed by the Chinese quality system. Approval of the center.

The workers in the lathe workshop are very serious about the quality of the processing, while processing the side themselves, ensuring the quality of the processing.

All kinds of equipment that can produce aluminum and copper retainers can meet all kinds of bearings.

The two arm vertical lathe with 4500mm diameter and the matching grinder.

The temperature controlled large well type quenching furnace in the heat treatment workshop of the dragon horse Bearing Co., Ltd. has played an important role in ensuring the hot processing quality of the bearing products, and has reached the production capacity of the craft one.

Dragon horse Bearing Co., Ltd. is advanced in grinding equipment, technical workers have been trained strictly and technical grade assessment, the work of the workers is strict, the technology is better, and the quality of the product is guaranteed.

The advanced grinding equipment has brought vitality to the dragon horse Bearing Co., Ltd., and the product quality has reached the national standard, and has won the praise from home and abroad.

Metrology verification and calibration of dragon horse Bearing Co., Ltd. is a prerequisite for producing high quality bearings. With inspection and testing equipment, the standard parts are carefully calibrated and regularly calibrated according to the standard procedures under the guidance of senior technicians.

Long horse Bearing Co., Ltd. before bearing products, must undergo a comprehensive inspection and make quality records. Achieve one hundred percent full inspection to ensure that the quality of each part and each factory bearing is up to or surpass the national standard, so that the user is satisfied.

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