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Brief description of the details of installation of slewing bearing

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Before installation, slewing bearing mounting datum and bracket mounting plane must be cleaned up to remove grease stain, burr, paint and other foreign objects.

The rotary bearing bearing raceway quenching soft belt (external mark "S" or "clogging") should be placed in the non load area or non constant load area.

After the slewing bearing is hoisted in place, a tape measure is used to check the flatness of the plane. If there is a gap, it should be machined. If it is impossible to process it, it can be filled with filling or partial gasket. In order to prevent the bolt from tightening, the supporting deformation will affect the performance of slewing bearing.

Before installing the bolts, adjust the gear side clearance according to the maximum point of the radial runout of the gear joint circle (three green lacquer marks) and tighten it with the bolt. Check the gear side clearance on all gear rings.

The tightening bolts should be symmetrical and continuous in the direction of 180 degrees, and finally pass through to ensure that the bolts on the circumference have the same preload.

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