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Discussion on the main reasons for the failure of the bearing surface roughness

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The surface roughness of bearing parts has standard and technological requirements, but in the process of grinding and superfinishing, due to various reasons, they often fail to meet the specified requirements. The main reasons for the failure of workpiece surface roughness are as follows:



1. the grinding speed is too low, the feed speed is too fast, the feed rate is too large, and the grinding time is too short.

2. the speed of workpiece is too high or the vibration of workpiece shaft and grinding wheel shaft is too large.

3. grinding wheel is too coarse or too soft.

4. the dressing speed of the grinding wheel is too fast or the clearance of the dressing mechanism is too large.

5. the diamond of dressing wheel is not sharp or poor in quality.

6. the quality of the super fine oil stone is not good, and the installation position is not correct.

7. the quality of super fine kerosene can not reach the requirement.

8. superfine time is too short, etc.

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