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Method for effectively improving the accuracy of cross rolling bearing installation

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In order to improve the actual matching precision in the installation of the cross roller bearing, the measurement method and measuring tool which does not make the bearing deformation are used, the actual precision measurement of the matching surface size of the inner hole and the outer circle of the bearing must be measured. All the measuring items on the inner diameter and the outer diameter must be measured out and the measured data are all made. According to the surface analysis, the dimensions of the bearing parts that are precisely configured as shaft and seat holes are measured. When the actual size and geometry of the shaft and seat holes are measured, they should be carried out at the same temperature as the bearing. In order to ensure a higher practical effect, the roughness of the shaft and seat hole matched with the bearing should be as small as possible.



In the above measurement, two sets of marks which can indicate the maximum deviation direction should be made on the outer and inner holes of the cross roller bearing, as well as on the corresponding surface of the shaft and the seat hole, on both sides of the assembly chamfering angle, so that the maximum deviation of the matched two party should be aligned in the same direction in the actual assembly, so that the assembly is assembled. After that, the deviation of the two sides can be partially offset. The purpose of making two sets of directional marks is to consider the compensation of the deviation, which can improve the rotation accuracy of both ends of the bearings, and the coaxiality error of the bearing and both ends of the journal.

Surface hardening measures such as sandblasting and plug with a slightly larger diameter can be used to improve the matching accuracy. Large and outer ring bearing, in order to be easy to install, also has a small taper made of the outer circle and the bearing seat hole, which is chimed by the taper of the two square, and controls the propelling amount of the outer ring with the end cover, so that the interference amount is in the predetermined range, and the end cover is also helpful to the friction resistance of the outer ring face. To fix the outer ring to prevent its peristalsis. This installation method is particularly convenient for vertically installed bearings.

According to the direction and nature of the load of the cross roller bearing and which side of the inner and outer ring rotates, the load of each ring can be divided into a rotating load, a static load or a non directional load. The ring which bears the rotation load and the non directional load should take the static fit (interference fit) and bear the ring of the static load. It is advisable for the transition coordination or dynamic coordination (clearance coordination).

When the bearing is heavy or subjected to vibration and impact load, its interference must be increased. When using hollow shaft, thin walled bearing box or light alloy and plastic bearing box, the interference must also be increased. To maintain high rotation, high precision bearings must be adopted, and the dimensional accuracy of shaft and bearing box should be improved to avoid excessive interference. If the interference is too large, the geometric accuracy of the shaft or bearing box may affect the geometry of the bearing ring, thereby damaging the rotational accuracy of the bearing.

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