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Five notices for correctly checking the appearance quality of split bearing

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In the use of split bearings, we first check the appearance of imported bearings to determine whether they meet our requirements. The following dragon horse bearings are shared with everyone to check those parts. The inspection of bearings should be carried out under the astigmatism, and the surface and cracks of bearings should be carefully observed.



1, all kinds of mechanical wounds, such as grinding, scratching, pressing and bruising, will cause the poor installation of bearings, cause partial load and stress concentration, and cause the decline of rotation precision and service life.

2, rust, black and pitting, the latter two are easy to store water and dirt defects, most likely to develop into rust. Rust is a pollution source which leads to poor installation, early wear and fatigue. Serious corrosion will cause the bearing to be scrapped.

3, all kinds of cracks, such as raw material cracks, forging cracks, heat treatment cracks and grinding cracks, these cracks will become the stress concentration source and expand rapidly in the running process of the bearing, and cause the bearing rupture, which has great influence on the bearing life and work safety. In fact, for important bearings, the bearing factory has carried out 100% magnetic or radiographic inspection of its components.

4, peeling and folding, the part of the two defects is not well combined with the matrix metal, and there are often decarburization or carbon poor around it in varying degrees. The material is easy to collapse, press concave or wear, and it is very bad for the bearing life and precision.

5, the riveting or welding quality of the cage, the main observation is whether the rivet head is biased, skew, slack, slack, lack of meat or "double eyelid", the position of welding is correct, the welding spot is too big or too small, and whether the welding is not good or excessive welding can cause the phenomenon of holding the rolling body.

The above items are the part of the key inspection in the inspection of the bearing. Besides the parts of the above inspection, if the quality of the typing is not good, such as the blurring of the handwriting and the damage, it should be considered the defective, and the serious person can not be accepted.

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