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The technical requirements for technological repair of anatomical bearings are deeply discussed.

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The split bearing is a large quantity of mechanical parts, and the manufacturing precision is strict and the technical specialization is very high. Therefore, for the most easy to buy bearing varieties, it should be more economical to buy than the repair. Besides the economy, the repair of bearing and its technical nature, which requires the repairman to be full. The corresponding technical requirements of the bearing and the characteristics of the high precision bearing and its parts in the structure, process and material are difficult to ensure that the bearing repair has the desired effect.

(1) standard constant combination repair method.

In order to repair and adjust the precision of the dimension chain, according to the principle of datum coincidence, only one base level is selected as the reference, that is, the design datum, and all other surface repairs are based on this basis. The combined repair datum is convenient for checking accuracy and reducing accumulation error. For example, in the repair of speed regulating fluid coupling, the bearing body is often used as the benchmark.

(2) standard transformation combined repair method.

Sometimes the design datum is too large to be used, so it is necessary to choose some other surfaces as datum, and to resize the chain. For example, if the deformation of the bearing body is too large, the correction bearing body should be reprocessed on the basis of the revolving component, and then the size of the reprocessed bearing body, the assembly dimension chain, the method of adjusting the adjusting ring, and the order of the size chain are detected, and the aim of controlling the precision of the closed loop is to be reached at the end.

Vacuum quenching: its biggest feature is no oxidation, no deformation, no cracking. For the precision bearing produced by our company, the vacuum heat treatment process has been adopted at the beginning. Both the vacuum furnace and the domestic vacuum furnace have two cold and hot vacuum chambers (the vacuum degree of the heat chamber is below 2.0Pa and the cold chamber is below 9.3Pa). The heating process of the bearing steel is heated up to 840 + 10 degrees centigrade in accordance with the curve (temperature and time) stipulated in the process, and it is cooled by the cooling medium, however, the oil cooling is done by the cooling medium. The gas temperature and oil temperature are controlled at 60-80 degrees centigrade, and the maximum temperature is not more than 100-120 degrees centigrade.

Oil tempering: according to the characteristics of bearing rings, we have adopted low temperature oil tempering, the temperature is controlled at 180 + 10 C. Its main purpose is to reduce the internal stress and brittleness after quenching, and to stabilize the size. It can keep high hardness and high wear resistance, so as to avoid breakage or premature damage. The hardness is HRC:60-64.

Similarly, for stainless steel bearing products, the heat treatment process must be passed, of course, the quenching curves (temperature and time) are different, the temperature is higher (1040 + 10 degrees C), and the time is relatively long. The main function is to reduce the retained austenite in the tissue, stabilize the structure, and improve the stability of the ring precision. However, in the cryogenic treatment, the content of austenite should not be controlled too much, because a certain amount of retained austenite is conducive to the improvement of bearing life.

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