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Basic principles of selecting and designing materials for slewing bearing design and manufacture

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Slewing bearing is a large bearing that can bear comprehensive load. It can bear large axial, radial load and overturning moment at the same time. The slewing bearing is usually equipped with installation holes, inner gear or outer gear, lubricating oil hole and sealing device, so it can make the design of the main engine compact, easy to guide and easy to maintain.



When designing and manufacturing slewing bearing, the bearing material is generally chosen according to the following principles.

1. Selection of working conditions based on bearing

1. working temperature

The bearing of working at normal temperature is made of chromium bearing steel. Chromium bearing steel is also used at temperatures below 150 C and below 250 C, but it needs special heat treatment (200 or 300 degrees tempering).

2. the size of the impact load

Bearings bearing strong impact loads usually do not use chromium bearing steel. Most of them are of high quality carburized structural steel, impact resistant tool steel or quenched and tempered structural steel.

3. contact medium

Bearings used in corrosive media must be made of corrosion-resistant steel or alloy steel with good corrosion resistance.

Two. Selection of structural types based on bearing

Bearing parts are more complex, for example, when the outer ring is mounted, and when the impact load is higher, the carburized steel with good processing performance should be adopted; 08 and 10 low carbon steel (good plastic, suitable for cold stamping) can be used in the outer ring of the needle roller bearing, and the joint bearing used on the swing mechanism or the manipulator can be adopted. Excellent cold plastic deformation properties of GCr15, 9Cr18, 9Cr8Mo and alloy structural steel are formed by cold extrusion.

Three. Choose according to bearing fatigue life and reliability requirements.

The fatigue life and reliability of bearings depend to a certain extent on the purity and uniformity of steel. For ordinary use occasions, ordinary bearing steel is often smelted by acid open hearth or basic electric furnace. With the continuous improvement of smelting methods, new smelting methods such as current remelting, vacuum smelting, and electron beam furnace smelting have been produced. Bearing steel made of the bearing steel made above has been improved accordingly. It is suitable for bearings with special requirements for fatigue life and reliability, such as railway vehicle axle box bearings, aeroengine spindle bearings and navigation system bearings.

In addition, steel processing performance, supply of goods and domestic resources should also be considered comprehensively when selecting steel grades.

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