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Brief description of dragon horse bearings: three common structures and applications of crankshafts

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The crankshaft is one of the main parts of the diesel generator set. Its function is to collect the work done by each cylinder of the diesel engine and output it in a rotary motion mode. For the multi cylinder Chongqing Cummins diesel generator, it must continuously withstand the force transmitted from the piston through the connecting rod in the work stroke, and turn it into the torque transmission mechanism. At the same time, it also drives the piston of each cylinder to breathe in, compress and exhaust through the connecting rod, and drive the valve and his auxiliary device. The structure of crankshaft flywheel assembly is usually divided into main shaft neck, connecting rod neck, crank, front axle (the free end of Crankshaft), rear end (crankshaft output) flange and balance block (or balance weight).



The multi cylinder crankshaft is a long axis of high speed rotation. It is subjected to the changing gas pressure and inertia force and the centrifugal force produced by rotation, so it requires it to have enough strength and stiffness, and should be wear-resistant, well lubricated, fixed and fixed and axially positioned or restricted in axial displacement. In addition, the bending and placement should be reasonable to satisfy the ignition of the diesel engine. The requirement of order and run smoothly.

The structure of the crankshaft has the following categories

Integral type: the whole crankshaft is made from integral forging or casting, and is widely used in medium and small-sized diesel engines.

Sleeve type: there are half and full set. Used in large low speed diesel engines.

Combination: there is a piecewise and a disc type. A high speed machine with rolling bearings.

The crankshaft flywheel combination unit of diesel engine is composed of crankshaft, crankshaft gear, bearing bush, starting gear ring, flywheel and belt pulley. The crankshaft of the diesel engine is integral, and the whole steel is forged. The crankshaft is characterized by a spindle neck, a crank arm and a connecting rod journal. The front end of the front axle is equipped with a triangular belt pulley with two belt grooves to drive the pulley of the fan, the water pump and the charger directly or indirectly. The rear end of the crankshaft is connected and fastened by the six screws through the flange, and is fixed by two cylindrical pins. On the surface of the flywheel, there are 12 holes of uniform chrome stitch for installation of power output devices such as couplings and so on, and the starting gear ring is tightly sleeved on the mating surface of the flywheel.

As the main shaft neck structure is different, the first, third, fifth gear shaft is the same, the second, fourth, sixth gear is the same, the seventh gear bush is specific, each retaining wall has oil hole, the stop pile is installed on the seventh gear bearing cover, the spindle tile adopts the aluminum alloy thin wall axle Bush, the upper tile and the lower tile are tightened with the main bearing bolt, in the upper tile, there are oil holes and oil grooves in the upper tile, and can be used in the upper tile. With the oil hole in the spindle neck, the lubricating oil flows through the hole to force the friction surface of the main bearing and the friction surface of the connecting rod journal to be lubricated. After the assembly of the crankshaft flywheel assembly, the crankshaft should be rotated by hand at the flywheel end.

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