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Three basic elements for correctly selecting the size and type of rolling bearings

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The design materials used for rolling bearings are mainly plain bearing steel. Besides, the material of the conventional bearing type size cage is made of zinc brass, which has low strength and poor elasticity. The vibration type of rolling bearing is designed with vacuum and degassing bearing steel in the structure design, and its fatigue resistance is good. The vibration bearing cage of rolling bearing is made of aluminum iron manganese bronze material. It has high strength, good elasticity and better wear resistance.



When choosing a rolling bearing, is it a rolling bearing vibration type or a rolling bearing general type? What is the reference point of selection? What is the basis of selection, which will not cause a greater loss in use? In order to avoid any trouble when we choose rolling bearings, we now provide you with the following three tips.

1, according to the fixed load choice, because the fixed load has the characteristics of synthetic radial load vector and relative static ring.

2, choose rolling bearing according to the number of revolving loads, because the rotary load has the characteristics of synthesizing radial load vector relative to the rotation of the ring.

3, according to the swing load and the indefinite load of rolling bearing. The swing load is a composite load which is much smaller than the fixed load. The swing load is the load of some rings may be rotated sometimes, sometimes it is a fixed load, sometimes it is a swing load.

Because the vibration type ring of the rolling bearing needs a certain transition or interference fit with the shaft or the seat hole, when the interference size works under the load with the rolling bearing, the vibration type rolling bearing ring does not produce "peristalsis" on the matching surface in the shaft or the seat hole.

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