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Structure and common seal types of slewing bearing

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The structure of a slewing bearing consists of a slewing bearing consisting of a ring, a lower ring, and a full ball. These cost - benefit designs are a two-way rotating solution for low speed and light load. These two single row and double row designs, as well as the convenience of pre installation holes.


  In actual production, the weight difference can be controlled by 1%, the depth of the collapse is 0.5mm, the end of the end is less than 2 degrees 30 ', and the weight difference of the hot material is within 2%, and the end of the end is less than 3 degrees. Constrain the shear die. That is to say, the radial warping, the axial movement and the flattening of the bar are restricted by radial tightening. In this way, some of them are tightened only at fixed ends. Some of them are tightened up at fixed ends and moving ends. The way of tightening is cylinder type and linkage.

Slewing bearing is a representative rolling bearing with wide application. For high speed and even high speed operation, it is very durable. The bearing has the advantages of small friction, high limit speed, simple structure and low cost, and is easy to achieve higher manufacturing accuracy.

This type of bearing has a certain ability of aligning, and it works normally when compared with the hole of the shell 10 degrees, but it has certain effect on the bearing life. The slewing bearing cage is mostly steel plate stamped wave cage, and large bearings are mostly made of metal solid cage.

The sealing of the bearing is to prevent the leakage of the filled grease, on the other hand to prevent the outside dust, impurities and water intrusion into the bearing interior and affect the normal work.

Because the slewing bearing is mostly working under heavy load and low speed, the seal type of the bearing adopts two structures: the rubber seal ring and the labyrinth seal.

The rubber seal type seal itself has a simple structure. The advantages of small space and reliable sealing performance have been widely used, but the deficiency is that the seal lip of the rubber seal is easy to be aged in the high temperature condition and loses the sealing ability. So the labyrinth seal should be adopted in the rotary bearing bearing working under the condition of high temperature.

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