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Processing and testing method of four point contact peach bearing groove of fan ball bearing

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Processing method
The yaw bearing is a four point contact ball bearing with prestress, which can make the engine room always windward, and the inner ring of the bearing is equipped with four yaw motors to drive this purpose. Therefore, the requirement of the bearing peach shape groove is very high.
The fine car can be used for its groove processing, which can be replaced by the car, but the surface quality is deficient, and the precision of the lathe is high, the rate of qualification is low and the turning needs to be adjusted frequently.
There are two ways to form grinding: disc grinding and diamond grinding. The disc dressing needs to walk the grinding wheel, the precision of the machine tool is higher, the shape of the channel is limited to the shape of the disc, the disc wear is fast, the programming needs some skill, and the workers have a slow mastery. Therefore, the diamond wheel is usually used to repair the grinding wheel to form the whole groove. However, the stiffness of the diamond wheel is higher than that of the disc trimming contact surface. Therefore, the rigidity requirement of the machine tool is relatively high, and the requirement of the cooling system is also very high.
In the practical application of the above three processing methods, the diamond wheel is the best one, and the disc forming is the second.
test method
1. indirect measurement
A ball that matches the diameter of the ball and the diameter of the peach shape groove is selected and put into the peach shape groove. The thickness of the diameter between the maximum wire of the ball and the diameter of the inner ring of the four point contact ball bearing is detected with a micrometer. The diameter of the ditch is calculated by the wall thickness of the ball. Because the calculation of the diameter of peach shaped groove is rather cumbersome, it is not suitable for on-site batch processing. Usually, the backstepping method is adopted, that is to say, according to the diameter required by the peach shaped groove, the thickness of the required ball holding wall should be pushed back. This method is more intuitive and convenient. It can be called "indirect measurement method".
Although the indirect measuring method is simple, its shortcomings are obvious: the technical requirements of the inspectors are higher; the measurement of the diameter of the peach shape groove is difficult; the measured value of the diameter of the inner ring tooth top circle is more troublesome.
2. direct measurement
Select a special auxiliary angle matching with the inner and outer peach grooves, calculate the measuring range and directly measure the peach shaped groove.
In the measurement, after the zero position in the school, the caliper angle of the caliper is put into the channel, the caliper is pushed to find the maximum value, the lock nut on the lock caliper is found after the maximum value is found, the caliper is taken out, and the diameter of the ditch is calculated by the relative method. The measurement must be left and right to find the maximum. Work hard. When measuring calipers, the force must be consistent with the caliper correction to zero time, not too large or too small, otherwise the accuracy of measurement will be affected.
The direct measurement method is simple and requires no special skills. It only needs to be used like a general caliper; it solves the difficult problem of the difficult measurement of the peach shape channel; the direct measurement error is small; the complete set of clearance can be qualified once, labor saving and time saving. But it should be made according to the size of peach shape.
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