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Modular bearing system applied to planetary frame of wind power accelerator

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Most fans increase the rotation speed of the relatively low spindle to the higher speed required by the speed machine, and the wind turbine engineer faces two major challenges in designing the speed increase machine. First, the torque required by the modern speed increasing machine is always increasing, and the structure of its box is still very compact. Second, the design, manufacture and maintenance of these speedup machines are very complex and costly.
Compact speed increasing machine
Because the box structure needs to be kept very compact, the application of single stage or two stage planetary gear structure is commonly used. Under this operation mode, all bearings in the planetary gear are at the highest load state.
An integrated planetary bearing arrangement is used in the modern gearbox, that is, the cylindrical roller bearing without outer ring is installed in the planetary gear, and the inner hole of the gear is machined into the outer raceway of the bearing. This bearing arrangement saves the gearbox space, but requires a very precise tolerance definition. For three or four rows of bearings, it is more difficult.
Modularized system for simplifying the design of transmission
NKE has developed a modular solution for the planetary gear of the wind power increasing machine, which is based on RN series single row cylindrical roller bearings without outer ring. These bearings are equipped with an integrated brass cage (MPB) guided by inner rings.
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