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The repair of the broken teeth of the ring gear ring of the revolving support raceway

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Due to the porosity or interlayer of material, the quality problems or some external reasons of the hardness and uneven depth of the quench hardened layer of the raceway, resulting in the exfoliation of the quench hardened layer of the raceway or the tooth ring breaking will cause the equipment to not work properly.
For the raceway of the raceway, the correct judgment should be made first. There is an exfoliation, which is generally not easy to see outside. According to our experience, out of the south, the raceway has an exfoliation: when the host is loaded with a rotation, the raceway has a "cough" abnormal sound, the rotating speed is uneven or a certain speed of azimuth is obviously slowed down with a slight vibration; the temperature rise of the rotary motor is too high or the current is too large; the rotary motor and the hydraulic coupler or couplet are too high. The keyway is squeezed out and so on.
After the appearance of the layer, it must be repaired in time. Otherwise the delamination area will be enlarged, so that the whole slewing bearing will be scrapped.
The method of repair is to remove the roller or steel ball in the rotary support first to separate the inner and outer rings; then clean the raceway with gasoline; then use the grinding machine (grinding wheel) to carefully wear the hardened layer of the cracked layer that has been produced by the American 微软 Corp. The cutting torch is preheated with a medium carbon steel welding rod to be welded (which must be dried before the use of the electrode), so that the welding layer is slightly higher than the 1-2mm on the raceway surface. If the stripping layer is deep or the area is larger, the welding should be layered and segmented. It should not cause the deformation of the parent material too high. This avoids the rapid cold but produces welding cracks, and should be taken immediately after welding. The insulation measures made him cool gradually. After cooling, the mending welding layer is smoothed by the mill to make it a little higher than the surface of the raceway, and it is gradually repaired with oil stone or metallographic sand cloth, so that it is consistent with the normal surface of the raceway, and is detected with the original curvature sample plate until qualified; the grease is used to clean the raceway and the roller (steel ball) with gasoline. It can be completed.
The reason for the broken tooth of the rotary gear ring may be that the quality of the casting section of the tooth material (such as the defects of the sand eye, interlayer and so on, so that the bending effect of the gear is obviously weakened); in the process of use, the teeth of the gear teeth are embedded with hard materials such as stone or steel to break the local bending stress of the gear teeth.
The repair method is local repair welding or inserting tooth repair. The method of local repair welding is: first grinding the residual crack base of the damaged part by hand grinding wheel, cleaning it with gasoline (oil), using the torch to preheat the part, and when a certain temperature is reached, the medium carbon steel electrode is used to weld the prototype of the tooth in the parts of the wheel tooth damage. It is 1-2mm higher than the party's tooth surface; the experienced mechanic fitter is selected and tested according to the tooth shape sample until the tooth shape meets the requirement.
When a whole tooth of the gear ring is damaged, it can be cut down along the tooth root and then file the tooth root into a certain shape. Then a tooth is cut on the same waste gear ring and processed into the corresponding shape of the base material, then put into the groove and clamped and positioned with the toothed template. In order to ensure the consistency of tooth pitch, and use double wire chuck to increase and tighten, use low carbon steel to weld around the teeth. In the end, the weld is leveled with a tool and other tools to ensure that the gear teeth are meshed and stabilized.
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